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How do online lessons differ from in-person lessons?

The structure of the lessons and the materials used will be the same for both sets of lessons. The benefit of doing lessons via Skype or Zoom is the fact that you can complete them anywhere in the world, without leaving the comfort of your home or office. You will be able to interact easily with your tutor using video call, as well as the flexibility to instant message and share files.

How do online italian group lessons differ from individual lessons?

Online meetings are virtual spaces offered by a provider. They offer all the necessary tools for conducting a class with mini groups. Students can be in different rooms or parts of the world and interact fully through a video call, instant messaging, file sharing.

Can I benefit from online lessons even if I am a total beginner?

Yes, of course! No matter your Italian language level, everyone will be able to benefit from Italian language lessons delivered via Skype or Zoom. All tutors at Talkitaliano speak a second language, which will be beneficial especially to total beginners in the first phases of learning Italian. Distance learning via Skype or Zoom will have no effect on the quality of Italian lessons that you will receive.

What is your teaching method?

Our lessons are communication focused. The aim is to develop all language skills (speaking, listening, writing, reading) harmoniously, and we will encourage and motivate students to start interacting from the very beginning. Grammar is important, but just as a powerful tool to enhance communication, and special focus is dedicated to vocabulary building. The format of the lessons and the learning materials vary depending on the chosen course and on the student’s level, but in general include pdf files, audio, videos.

What learning materials do you use during the lessons?

Prior to the start of each lesson, your tutor will send you the learning materials that apply to your upcoming lesson. These materials can consist of pdf extracts from modern textbooks, audio files, and videos.

Do you offer a trial lesson and what should I expect from it?

Yes. We offer a trial lesson with a 5 euro discount. During the class, the tutor will assess your level of Italian language (if you do have any previous knowledge), we will discuss your goals and needs and make a learning plan for you. We will introduce you to our method and learning materials for the chosen course.

How do I book a trial lesson?

Complete the form for the trial lesson and we will contact you directly via email to arrange a class at a convenient time.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept payment through Paypal, Skrill, Western Union, Wise and Paysend. If you prefer to use a different paying system, you can discuss it with your tutor.

Do I pay before or after my lesson?

Payment for your lesson needs to be made at the moment of the reservation. You can benefit from a discount by booking and paying for five lessons in advance.

Are you flexible when it comes to rescheduling or canceling a lesson?

Rescheduling of an individual lesson is possible, but please inform the tutor ahead of time. WE don’t accept last-minute cancellations, unless in case of serious emergencies. For groups lessons, cancellation or rescheduling are not possible, but if required a registration of the class is provided

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Become fluent in Italian with Talkitaliano. We bring your Italian language classroom directly to you. Enjoy and benefit from tailored online lessons with a professional native speaker, at your own pace and in the comfort of your home and office. Book a trial lesson and start learning today!