General Italian Course


Italian Course

The general Italian language course is for complete beginners and individuals who are completely new to the Italian language. Alternatively, it is also for individuals who want to improve their current Italian language knowledge and reach a higher proficiency level. During the General Italian Course, you will acquire all aspects of the Italian language, including speaking, reading, writing, listening and grammar, with a focus on communication.
The main goal of the General Italian Course is to enable you to use the language successfully in everyday situations. The course includes all additional learning materials that are required.

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Conversational Italian Course and Tutoring


Italian Courses

The Conversational Italian Course is for individuals who are currently studying Italian language through an academic institute or self-study.

The specialized tutoring in this course will assist in building the individual’s conversational skills, overcoming any language difficulties and achieving specific language goals.

Depending on your particular needs the course outline and learning plan will be adapted and changed to fit with your needs and your specific goals.

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Preparation for International Certification Exam


certification exams

Completing an International Certification Exam is important to prove you are proficient in the Italian language. This certification can assist you in studying abroad, finding work or completing an internship.

You may also be interested in completing the International Certification Exam if you have completed an Italian language course and want official confirmation of your proficiency.

During the preparation course, individuals will receive exposure to previous versions of the exams. This will ensure they have a clear understanding of what questions will be included in the exam.

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Business Italian Course


Businesswoman online talking via headset and looking at laptop

The Business Italian Course is for individuals who have already gained an Italian language proficiency level of A2 and want to further their Italian language skills for the purposes of their career.

During this course, you will familiarize yourself with business vocabulary and communicating in the business setting, as well as incorporating important grammatical rules.

The Business Italian Course provides specially designed materials.

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Italian Cultural Courses


foro romano

This course is for individuals who have already attained sufficient Italian language knowledge (from upper-intermediate).

They want to broaden their knowledge and Italian vocabulary by immersing themselves in the Italian culture, history, arts, cinema and literature.

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Italian Language Course for Tourists


italian for tourists

With this course, you can learn basic conversational Italian prior to your trip to Italy to make your holiday more enjoyable.

The course will include everyday situations you are likely to experience while travelling, including asking for directions, getting around using public transport, ordering food in a restaurant, shopping, booking into a hotel, meeting new people, etc.

In order to develop these speaking skills during the course, specialized methods are used.

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