Hilary De Toni

native speaker certificated professional teacher of Italian Language 6 years teaching experience language spoken: english, russian, spanish   Hilary De Toni is a professional teacher of Italian as a foreign …

Federica Giorgini - italian language tutor at Talkitaliano

Federica Giorgini

Federica is a professional and experienced native Italian language teacher. She enjoys sharing her culture and language with people worldwide. She has a passion for travel and learning new languages and is fluent in Italian, English, Russian and French.

Chiara Bodini - italian online tutor

Chiara Bodini

Chiara is a native Italian speaker and has seven years’ experience as an Italian language teacher for foreigners. She has taught Italian language and culture at the University for Foreigners of Siena, as well as other Italian language schools.

Enrico Di Giovanni- online italian tutor at Talkitaliano

Enrico di Giovanni

Enrico is a native Italian speaker with more than five years’ experience teaching adults and children, individuals and groups. He has worked as a language teacher in Italy and abroad in the United States and Russia. Enrico is also fluent in English and French and has a good knowledge of Russian.

Martina Mambelli - online italian tutor at Talkitaliano

Martina Mambelli

Martina has six years’ experience in teaching Italian at L2/LS. In addition to being a native Italian speaker, she also speaks English, French, and Spanish.

She graduated with honors in Modern Italian Literature at the University of Milan in 2009. After graduation, Martina immediately started teaching Italian as a second language in Como.

Fabio Bartoli - online italian tutor at Talkitaliano

Fabio Bartoli

Fabio has a passion for not only the Italian language, but also the history and culture of Italy.

He graduated with a Communications Sciences degree in 2005. Since then, Fabio has worked as a journalist, web content writer and publishing house editor. He has published several books and essays about pop culture with a special focus on animation.