Hilary De Toni


  • native speaker
  • certificated professional teacher of Italian Language
  • 6 years teaching experience
  • language spoken: english, russian, spanish


Hilary De Toni is a professional teacher of Italian as a foreign language. She has six years of experience and currently, other than working as a private freelance tutor online, she is  working  in Italy at a private language school. 
 She has a Bachelor Degree in Foreign Languages and a Masters Degree in International Studies at the University of Trieste. After her studies, she decided to specialize in didactics of foreign languages. In 2014 she received the DILS-II from the University of Perugia, which is an advanced certificate in teaching Italian as a foreign language. Furthermore, she is strongly convinced that teachers must continue to train and develop their skills and so she periodically takes courses and upgrade training for teachers.
 She has a good knowledge of English, Spanish and Russian. She lived and worked in Moscow for 2 years teaching Italian in a private school and gave one-to-one lessons of Business Italian at the company Ferrero, situated in the center of Moscow. 
She is also an official examiner of the CILS (international certificate of proficiency of the Italian language) and she has experience in preparation of CILS and CELI exams.
 She loves her job and has a great passion for teaching. She bases her lessons on the students' interests and needs, using a communicative approach based on interaction, from the most basic levels. She usually speaks only Italian during her lessons, because she thinks is more effective for the learning process, but of course she can use a common language to facilitate the learning process.