Hilary De Toni


  • native speaker
  • certificated professional teacher of Italian Language
  • 6 years teaching experience
  • language spoken: english, russian, spanish
Hilary De Toni is a professional teacher of Italian as a foreign language. She has six years of experience and currently, other than working as a private freelance tutor online, she is  working  in Italy at a private language school. 
 She has a Bachelor Degree in Foreign Languages and a Masters Degree in International Studies at the University of Trieste. After her studies, she decided to specialize in didactics of foreign languages. In 2014 she received the DILS-II from the University of Perugia, which is an advanced certificate in teaching Italian as a foreign language. Furthermore, she is strongly convinced that teachers must continue to train and develop their skills and so she periodically takes courses and upgrade training for teachers.
 She has a good knowledge of English, Spanish and Russian. She lived and worked in Moscow for 2 years teaching Italian in a private school and gave one-to-one lessons of Business Italian at the company Ferrero, situated in the center of Moscow. 
She is also an official examiner of the CILS (international certificate of proficiency of the Italian language) and she has experience in preparation of CILS and CELI exams.
 She loves her job and has a great passion for teaching. She bases her lessons on the students' interests and needs, using a communicative approach based on interaction, from the most basic levels. She usually speaks only Italian during her lessons, because she thinks is more effective for the learning process, but of course she can use a common language to facilitate the learning process. 


Federica Giorgini - italian language tutor at Talkitaliano
Federica Giorgini


Federica is a professional and experienced native Italian language teacher. She enjoys sharing her culture and language with people worldwide. She has a passion for travel and learning new languages and is fluent in Italian, English, Russian and French. Federica Giorgini has a degree in Education Sciences (Pedagogy) from the University of Florence and a specialization in teaching Italian to foreigners DITALS certification from the University of Foreigners of Siena. She also has a high school degree in humanistic studies and philology. Federica has taught Italian for five years in language schools and as a private tutor in Florence and abroad. In 2015, Federica launched Talk Italiano as a way for her to impart her passion for Italian language and culture through easily accessible Skype lessons. She now works full time as a freelance Italian language teacher on Skype. Her teaching method is effective, involved and fun. Complete beginners will pick up simple Italian words from the first lesson. All courses include learning materials, like electronic versions of paper texts, audio books, exercises and schemas, which Federica prepares. Sign up for a free trial lesson today and Federica can start teaching you the beautiful language of Italian.

Chiara Bodini - italian online tutor
Chiara Bodini

Chiara Bodini200x200

Chiara is a native Italian speaker and has seven years’ experience as an Italian language teacher for foreigners. She has taught Italian language and culture at the University for Foreigners of Siena, as well as other Italian language schools. She now lives in Florence, but she is originally from Milan. Chiara Bodini studied foreign languages and literature and has a Master’s in Italian as a second language acquisition, from Siena University. She also completed an official certification DITALS, the second level in teaching Italian as a second language. Chiara teaches students of all levels, from the absolute beginner to the advanced. She loves meeting new students and structuring the lessons based on their interests, whether these interests relate to music, theater, food, traveling, cinema, Italian design or anything else. In her lessons, she will focus on communication, interaction and skill development of talking, listening, reading and writing. During her lessons, she will only speak Italian, but she is willing to use some English for those students starting out. Chiara loves being an Italian language teacher as she gets to impart her knowledge of Italian and Italy, and in exchange gets to learn about a whole variety of cultures from her students.

Enrico Di Giovanni- online italian tutor at Talkitaliano
Enrico di Giovanni

Enrico di Giovanni

Enrico di Giovanni is a native Italian speaker with more than five years’ experience teaching adults and children, individuals and groups. He has worked as a language teacher in Italy and abroad in the United States and Russia. Enrico is also fluent in English and French and has a good knowledge of Russian. Enrico has a Master of Arts degree in Literature and Philosophy from the University of Palermo, Italy. He also has a CEDILS certification in teaching Italian to foreigners, issued by the University of Venice Ca’ Foscari. Enrico can teach basic to advanced Italian. He tailors his lessons to the student’s needs and interests.

Martina Mambelli - online italian tutor at Talkitaliano
Martina Mambelli

Martina Mambelli200x200 Martina Mambelli has eight years experience in teaching italian as a foreign language. In addition to being a native Italian speaker, she also speaks English, French, and Spanish an is currently learning portugese. She graduated with honors in Modern Italian Literature at the University of Milan in 2009. After graduation, Martina immediately started teaching Italian as a second language in Como. Since then, she has earned the CEDILS and CEFILS certifications (Certifications in Teaching Italian Language to Foreigners and Linguistic Competence) at the University Ca’ Foscari of Venice. She continued teaching Italian in Vocational Schools, Language Schools and at the Politecnico University of Milan. In 2015 she obtained her II° Level Master's degree in "Teaching Italian Language and Culture to Foreigners" at the University of Rome She currently gives general and specific one-on-one Skype lessons, as well as group lessons with students ranging from absolute beginners to advanced. Professionally-trained, she uses a communicative method  employing modern teaching techniques and smart activities. She likes travelling, expecially in East Europe, Middle East and South America; she also loves foreign languages, cultures and meeting people from all over the world.

Fabio Bartoli - online italian tutor at Talkitaliano
Fabio Bartoli

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Fabio has a passion for not only the Italian language, but also the history and culture of Italy. He graduated with a Communications Sciences degree in 2005. Since then, Fabio Bartoli has worked as a journalist, web content writer and publishing house editor. He has published several books and essays about pop culture with a special focus on animation. In 2011, he received the Diploma Dilit per l'insegnamento dell'italiano come lingua straniera. Since 2013, Fabio has been working in Moscow as an Italian language teacher. Fabio’s Italian lessons are fun and interactive, making use of unique material especially songs and movie clips. His lessons will ensure you travel on an authentic and fun journey through the Italian world.